Breath-Hold Survival

The PFI Breath-Hold Surf Survival Course is specially designed for aquatic specialists to not only learn basic breath-hold skills, but also that of breath-hold propulsion, safety and problem management, and basic life support skills when training in remote areas. Develop breathing techniques for when you have minutes to prep for a breath-hold and for when you only have a moment before a wave comes and you’re underwater. Feel contractions and learn to feel comfortable with that urge to breath or “air starvation” feeling. You’ll learn to understand the psychology of stress and also the physiological responses that create it. Learn to better, or simply maintain, valuable breath-hold and comfort skills to survive a 60-foot fall off a big wave or a drop off a waterfall in your kayak. You’ll partner up for safe and effective training as maintenance during the down-season or in preparation for that extreme adventure just around the corner. Some of the topics covered in the PFI Breath-Hold Surf Survival program are:

• Safety & Problem Management for big surf or hazardous water conditions
• Breath-hold Concepts and Physiology
• Breath-hold Training (Apnea)
• Breath-hold Stress Training (Hazardous water condition simulations)
• Gearless Underwater Propulsion Techniques
• Psychology of Stress
• Breath-hold Training Programs